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Important English Sentences for Daily Use

Hi friends and my dear students!  In Spoken English Lesson - 3  I would like to share the topic of Important English Sentences for daily use (Three-words Sentences). After reading this lesson, please practice in your daily life. We shall meet tomorrow in the next lesson. Please do me a favour by sharing this article with your friends, near and dear so they also utilize these Spoken English lessons. Thank you.... Get Spoken English Lesson - 2 here.

Important English Sentences for Daily Use
Important English Sentences for Daily Use

Important English Sentences for Daily Use 

Three Word Sentences With Please

1.       Please come here.                  

2.       Please go at once.

3.       Please go there.            

4.       Please send him.         

5.       Please write to me.   

6.       Please sit down.             

7.       Please Stand up.           

8.       Please keep quiet.       

9.       Please play in the ground.       

10.     Please dance well.         

11.     Please sing a song.                 

12.     Please call her.           

13.     Please read the book.

14.     Please help them.

15.     Please do me a favour.

16.     Please check this.

17.     Please come with me.

18.     Please prepare well.

19.     Please ring the bell.

20.     Please do it for me.

21. Please help the poor.

22. Please drive fast.

23. Please come here.

24. Please write something.

25. Please post the letter.

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Imperative Sentences

Imperative verbs are verbs that create Imperative Sentences (i.e. a sentence that gives an order or command). While reading Imperative Sentences, They will always sound like the speaker is bossing someone around.

1.       Give me a pen and a pencil.

2.       Please open the door quickly.

3.       Have a cup of cappuccino.

4.       You wash your hand first and then eat.

5.       Play with intensity and courage.

6.       Remember me when we are parted.

7.       Never forget the person who loves you.

8.       Kindly bring the book to me.

9.       Bring me a glass of water.

10.     Don’t ever touch my phone.

11.     Don’t ever call me a loser.

12.     Write whenever you get a chance.

13.     Don’t stay out at night.

14.     Watch your step before taking it.

15.     Please grant me a loan.

16.     Take a step and don’t move.

17.     Don’t rush or you will fall.

18.     Read a lot to improve your writing skill.

Negative Imperative Sentences

1.       Don't move!

2.       Do not waste money.

3.       Don't forget your homework.

4.       Do not smoke in the toilets.

5.       Please don't forget your belongings.

6.       Don't be late!

7.       Don't go there.

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