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Active and Passive Voice Practice Test

Hi friends and my dear students! I am going to share now Active and Passive Voice Exercises / Worksheet with you. After practicing Active and Passive Voice Practice Test, Please do share with your Friends. You can also Read Grammar Topics Step By Step Guides.
Active and Passive Voice Exercises / Worksheet
Active and Passive Voice Exercises / Worksheet

Active and Passive Voice Exercises Task - 1

1. We bake the bread here. 
2. They are baking the bread. 
3. My friends have baked the bread. 
4. I baked the bread yesterday. 
5. She was baking the bread.

Active and Passive Voice Exercises Task - 2

1. Mohan was eating an apple.
2. The picture was painted by Bob.
3. Trisha opened the present.
4. The mobile was being used by Mr. Bush.
5. The card was made by Fred.

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Active and Passive Voice Exercises Task - 3

1. Jordon hit the tree with his stick.
2. The man jumped off the step.
3. Daniel was watching the birds.
4. We had baked the bread.
5. We will bake the bread next.

Active and Passive Voice Exercises Task - 4

1. The key was used to open the door.
2. The crisp packet was thrown away.
3. Jorge couldn’t see the man.
4. The boy picked up the coin.
5. Two egg was laid by the hen.

Active and Passive Voice Exercises Task - 5

1. Suman found her car keys.
2. The policeman chased after Fred. 
3. The car was fixed. 
4. The pencil had been lost. 
5. Magana was given a warning.

Active and Passive Voice Exercises Task - 6

1. The football was kicked by Luke.
2. The knife was left on the table by Jordon.
3. The milk had been spilled by a cat.
4. The Van had been driven into a wall by a naughty boy.
5. The windows had been washed.

Active and Passive Voice Exercises Task - 7

1. The actors had performed the play by Shakespeare.
2. A stone smashed the window.
3. The boys pushed the tree over.
4. James climbed the ladder.
5. Samuel baked a big cake.

Active and Passive Voice Exercises Task - 8

1. Has the boy stolen the book? 
2. The maid cleans the room. 
3. Why are you going to bake the bread? 
4. We should not bake the bread.
5. We ought to follow the rules.
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