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Hi friends and my dear students! In this post, I have covered Direct and Indirect Speech Interrogative Sentences Worksheet / Exercises For 20 Marks. After practicing Direct and Indirect Speech Worksheet, Please do share it with your friends. You can also Learn English Grammar along with Grammar Quizzes.

Direct and Indirect Speech Interrogative Sentences Worksheet
Direct and Indirect Speech Interrogative Sentences Worksheet

Direct and Indirect Speech Interrogative Sentences Worksheet

1. My friend asked me, ”Where are you going?”

My friend asked me _________________________________________________________.

2. My mother asked me, ”Who discovered America?”

My mother asked me ________________________________________________________.

3. The referee said to the captain, ”How many players does he want to substitute?”

The referee ____________________________________________________

4. He said to me, ”When will you complete?”

He asked me _______________________________________________________.

5. Ragini said her friend, ”How are you?”

She asked _________________________________________________________.

6. I said to them, ”When will you go to the USA?”

I asked _______________________________________________________________.

7. The actress said to me, ”Why didn’t you come with me?”

The actress asked  _________________________________________________.

8. I wanted to know, ”Who’s that person?”

I wanted to know ____________________________________________________.

9. The man said to the zookeeper, ”How much food do the animals eat?"

The man asked the zookeeper _________________________________________________.

10. The singer said to me, ”Would you sing the song with me?”

The singer asked me ____________________________________________________.

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11. He said to me, ”How long have you been working here?”

He asked me _________________________________________________________.

12. The coach said to the players, ”Will you prove yourselves?”

The coach asked __________________________________________________.

13. The servant said to the master, ”Who came yesterday?”

The teacher asked ____________________________________________________.

14. I said to them, ”Can you help me?”

The asked ____________________________________________________.

15. The teacher said to the students ”Have you completed the work?”

The teacher asked the students __________________________________.

16. The workers said to the owner, ”When will you pay our payment?”

The workers asked _____________________________________________.

17. The boy asked her, ”When will you join in the school?”

The boy asked ____________________________________________________.

18. Dhoni said to the selectors, ”How are you planning?”

Dhoni asked _________________________________________________.

19. Junad said to me,  “When would you complete?”

Junaid asked me _______________________________________________.

20. I said to her, ”Why was he coming here?”

I asked her _________________________________________________.


1. My friend asked me where I was going.

2. My mother asked me who had discovered Amerika.

3. The referee asked the captain how many players he wanted to substitute.

4. He asked me when I would complete.

5. Ragini asked her friend how she/he was.

6. I asked them when they would go to the USA.

7. The actress asked me why I had not come with her.

8. I wanted to know who that person was.

9. The man asked the zookeeper how much food the animals ate.

10. The singer asked me if I would sing the song with him.

11. He asked me how long had I been working there.

12. The coach asked the players if they would prove themselves.

13. The servant asked the master who had come yesterday.

14. I asked them if they could help me.  

15. The teacher asked if they had completed the work.

16. The workers asked the owner when he would pay their payment.

17. The boy asked her when she would join in the school.

18. Dhoni asked the selectors how they were planning.

19. Junaid asked me when I would complete.

20. I asked her why he had been coming there.


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