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Present Perfect Tense Step By Step Explanation

Hi friends Today I am coming with a new topic English Grammar Present Perfect Tense. After learning this Step By Step Explanation of Present Perfect, you are able to understand what Present Perfect Tense is. You can also read English Grammar Topics here. I have covered many topics on English Grammar.
English Grammar Present Perfect Tense Explanation 

Present Perfect Tense Explanation

Rule - 1
This Tense is used to show an action that started in the past and has just finished.
The Present Perfect tense is commonly used with time expressions like:
just, yet, never, ever, already, so far, up to now, since, for, recently etc.
sub + has/have + v3 + ............
For example
She has lived here all her life.
They have written three letters already.
I have worked here since I graduated school.
He has finished his homework.
We have been to Canada.
Rule - 2
This tense is used to express past actions whose time is neither given nor defined.
For example
Have you written civils?
I have been to America.

Rule - 3
This tense is used to describe past events when we think more about their effect in the present than about the action itself.
For example
Mohan has eaten all the fruits. (means: there aren't any fruits left for you to eat).
He has finished his work (means: now he is free).
Rule - 4
This tense is used to denote an action starting at a particular time in the continuation to the present moment.
For example
We have lived in this house for ten years.
She has been absent for two weeks.

English Grammar Present Perfect Tense Explanation
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