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Learn English Online Free Simple Past Tense With Examples

Hi friends and my dear students! Are you searching for English Grammar Tenses?  If the answer is yes, this is the right place to find English Grammar Tenses and Examples. I have explained in this post clearly about Simple Past Tense With Examples. After reading this post, surely you will understand what Simple Past Tense is. You also can play here Grammar Quiz For Class 6 To 12 to improve your grammar skills.

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English Grammar Tenses Simple Past Tense With Examples
English Grammar Tenses Simple Past Tense With Examples

Simple Present

Present Continuous

Present Perfect

Present Perfect Continuous

English Grammar Tenses | Simple Past Tense With Examples

Simple Past Tense With Examples

Simple Past 

This tense is used to indicate an action completed in the past. The Simple Past tense is commonly used with time expressions like: last ..., ... ago in 1990, yesterday etc.

Sub + V2 + .............

Simple Past Tense Uses

Rule - 1 Completed Action in the Past

This tense is used to express the idea that an action started and finished at a specific time in the past. Sometimes the speaker may not mention the specific time, but has a specific time in mind.

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For example

I saw a movie yesterday.

I didn't see a play yesterday.

Last year, I travelled to USA.

Last year, I didn't travel to Nepal.

Did you have dinner last night?


Rule - 2 Series of Completed Actions

We can use the simple past tense to list a series of actions completed in the past. These actions might happen 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc.

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For example

Mohan finished his work, walked to the park, and found a nice place to sit.

Haseena arrived from the Railway Station at 8:00, checked into the hotel at 7:00, and called his friends at 10:00.


Rule - 3 Duration in the Past

We can use the simple past tense with a duration that starts and ends in the past. A duration is a longer action often indicated by expressions such as: for two years, for five minutes, all day, all year, etc.


For example

She lived in USA for two years.

Susan studied Spanish for five years.

My friends sat at the beach all day.

We talked on the phone for thirty minutes.

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Rule - 4 Habits in the Past

We can use the simple past tense to describe a habits which stopped in the past.


For example

I learnt Japanese when I was a child.

He used to play the violin.

Roshan used to play chess.


Simple Past Negative Sentences

Subject + didn’t + V1 + ....

For example

She didn’t post the letter.


Simple Past Interrogative Sentences

Did + Subject + V1 + ………?

For example

Did she Post the letter?

Negative Interrogative Sentences

Did + Subject + not + V1 + ……….?

For example

Did she not post the letter?

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