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It's About Time, It's Quiet Time Exercise

Hi friends and my dear student! In this post, I have covered It's Time Exercises / Worksheet. It's About Time, It's Quiet Time Exercise, It's high time, It's Time Phases are very important in English Grammar. I hope these examples are useful to you.
It's About Time, It's Quite Time Exercise
It's About Time, It's Quite Time Exercise

It's Time Exercises / Worksheet


1. Kamala goes to college by 9 am every day. Now it is already 9:10 am. She has not yet started. Tell her that she is late and to start using 'It's time.'

2. Suresh and Naresh are classmates. They did their graduation. Naresh got a degree. It has been five years since Naresh got his degree. Suresh is still without a job. So, advise Suresh look for a job using It's high time.

3. The guest will come by 1 p.m. It is 12.30 pm. still the lunch has not been prepared. Ask your mother to finish it using It's about time.

4. School anniversary programme is scheduled to take place on 15th of this month. Today is already 12. But the invitation cards have not yet been distributed. So, advice the school staff to do it immediately using "It's time".

5. You are studying in 9th class. Your friend Gopal is still unable to read English textbook properly. So, you ask your friend to practise seriously using the phrase 'It's high time." 


1. It's time Kamala started for college.

2. Suresh, it's high time you looked for a job.

3. Mother, It's about time you finished cooking lunch.

4. It's time you distributed the invitation cards.

5. Gopal, it's high time you practiced seriously reading.

Read the following sentences and express them using expressions 'It's quite time', 'It's high time', 'It's time' or 'It's about time'Read More

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1. Bhavani usually wakes up at 6 a.m. daily. It is 6.15 a.m. now. Bhavani has not woken up yet. You feel it is already late. Express your idea using 'It's high time'.

A: __________________________________________________________

2.You and your friend have spent more time than you spend daily in the playground. You feel it is late and better to go home. What would you say to your friend? Use the expression 'It's time'.

A: __________________________________________________________

3. You to your friend: 'You have not thought seriously about what you want to do in your life.' How would you express this idea using 'It's high time'.

A: __________________________________________________________

4.Your friend promised you to make a phone call at 7 a.m. But you haven't received any phone call from him yet. Now it is 7.30 a.m.  How would you express this idea using 'It's about time'?

A: __________________________________________________________

5.Your friend has been working on a project for 5 months. But he has not completed it yet.

You feel that your friend should take your help to complete the project fast. Give him / her advice using 'It's time.

A: __________________________________________________________


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