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English Grammar Subject And Predicate 

Hi friends and my dear students! In this post I have covered the topic Subject And Predicate. After knowing this short explanation, you are able to know what a Subject and Predicate is.

Subject And Predicate Explanation

A sentence usually consists of two elements i.e. A Subject and Predicate.

What is a Subject?

That part of a sentence which names the person or thing we are talking about is known as a subject.
English Grammar Subject And Predicate Explanation 

Subject And Predicate | English Grammar | Subject And Predicate Explanation

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English Grammar Subject And Predicate Short Notes 

What is a Predicate?
That part of the sentence which tells something about the subject is known as the predicate.

For example
Sita is a beautiful girl.
In the example given above "Sita" is the subject of the sentence and "is a beautiful girl" is its predicate.

Note: -The subject of the sentence usually comes first, but certain time it can be placed after the predicate.

For example
1. My friends are playing cricket.
In the example given above "My friends" is the subject of the sentence and "are playing cricket" is its predicate.

2. Here comes the teacher.
In the second sentence "the teacher" is subject of the sentence- came after the predicate.

The sun
was shining brightly.
My mother and my sister
are trained classical dancers.
My friend
serves in the army.
The pretty girl
was wearing a red dress.
The dogs
were barking loudly.

English Grammar Subject And Predicate Practice

Underline Subject and circle the Predicate part.

1) I want a new car.

2) James is nice.

3) The sun is moving.

4) Max wrote the letter.

5) The letter was written by Max.

6) The farmers are plowing the field.

7) Billy Reynolds is an amazing baseball player.

8) The storm clouds are getting darker.

9) Dogs, cats, and turtles make the best pets.

10) The stern judge ruled that the defendant was not guilty.

11) I am able to know what I am thinking.

12) All of the townspeople ran from the burning building.

13) His broken leg will heal in three months.

14) The man is working in the office.

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