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Use 'How' In A Sentence

Hi friends and my dear students!  In Spoken English Lesson - 24 I would like to share the topic of 35+ Sentences with 'Whom'. After reading this lesson, please practice. We shall meet tomorrow in the next spoken English class. Please do me a favour by sharing this post with your friends, near and dear so they also utilize these Spoken English lessons. Thank you....

35+ Sentences with 'Whom'
35+ Sentences with 'Whom'

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35+ Sentences with 'Whom' 

whom: asking what or which person or people

1.Whom do I ask for at the shop?

2.Whom did you follow?

3.To whom did you give the magazine? 

4.Whom do you know in this city?

5.Whom are you wrapping that gift box for?    

6.Whom did you ask for help?

7.Whom shall we ask when we reached?

8.Whom will you send for?

9.To whom did you apply?

10.Whom are they firing the gun at?

11.Whom have you come from?

12.With whom am I sharing?

13.Whom do you want?

14.Whom shall I announce the winner?

15.Whom have they brought here?

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16.Whom do you mean, Aunt?

17.From whom are we running?

18.Whom shall I fight?

19.Whom do you think we should support in the elections?

20.To whom did you give it?

21.To whom was the letter addressed?

22.Whom do you believe in the room?

23.I do not know with whom I am going to share this room.

24.Whom should I talk to after going there?

25.By whom is the car driven to school?

26.Whom are you going to invite?

27.Whom did he blame for the incident?

28.Whom did he appoint for this job?

29.To whom is this pickle package being sent?

30.To whom should this gift pack be addressed?

31.Whom we love best.

32.To whom did you give the book?

33.With whom did you go to the USA last year?  

34.Whom is the police officer chasing down the road? 

35.To whom should I send the bill for this order? 

36.Whom do we pay this week? 


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