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Use 'How' In A Sentence

Hi friends and my dear students!  In Spoken English Lesson - 23  I would like to share the topic of 50+ Sentences with 'How'. After reading this lesson, please practice in your daily life. We shall meet tomorrow in the next lesson. Please do me a favour by sharing this article with your friends, near and dear so they also utilize these Spoken English lessons. Thank you....

50+ Sentences with 'How'
50+ Sentences with 'How'

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50+ Sentences with 'How' 

How: asking a question to know the way of doing something.


1. How did he come to know this matter?

2. How has she solved the problem?

3. How do you do?

4. How is your sister's husband?

5. How can he help you?

6. How did Jony do it? 

7. How did Raja react? 

8. How did Ramu reply? 

9. How did Swetha sleep? 

10.How did Amar sound? 

11.How did you guess? 

12.How did you reply? 

13.How did you sleep? 

14.How do I eat this? 

15.How do we do that? 

16.How do you manage? 

17.How does Swathi feel? 

18.How does he know? 

19.How does Jamuna look? 

20.How far did it go? 

21.How have you gone there? 

22.How is that funny incident? 

23.How is your sister? 

24.How long are they? 

25.How old are you? 

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26.How rich are they? 

27.How should I know? 

28.How was the beach? 

29.How was the party? 

30.How was your class? 

31.How was your stay? 

32.How was your exam? 

33.How was your trip? 

34.How was your evening walk? 

35.How was your weekend? 

36.How's the new job? 

37.How's the weather? 

38.How's your new house? 

39.How's your father? 

40.How are your friends? 

41.How's your sister? 

42.Watch how I do it. 

43.How about some coffee? 

44.How about this book? 

45.How about tomorrow? 

46.How are the others? 

47.How are you coming?

48.How can I find your house? 

49.How can I help you? 

50.How can we do that? 

51.How can you forget me? 

52.How could you know? 

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