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Use 'Why' In A Sentence

Hi friends and my dear students!  In Spoken English Lesson - 20  I would like to share the topic of 50+ Sentences with 'Why'. After reading this lesson, please practice in your daily life. We shall meet tomorrow in the next lesson. Please do me a favour by sharing this article with your friends, near and dear so they also utilize these Spoken English lessons. Thank you.... 

50+ Sentences with 'Why'
50+ Sentences with 'Why'

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50+ Sentences with 'Why'  

Why:  asking about a reason.


1. Why don’t you help Rani?

2. Why have you rung the bell?

3. Why have they blamed me?

4. Why won't we participate?

5. Why do you meet her?

6. Why did we say that? 

7. Why did you do this? 

8. Why did you do meet him? 

9. Why did you dump me? 

10.Why did you give up? 

11.Why did you help them? 

12.Why did you hire me? 

13.Why did you like this book? 

14.Why did you pick me there? 

15.Why didn't John call? 

16.Why didn't Rajesh come? 

17.Why didn't Maheh move? 

18.Why didn't Latha stop? 

19.Why didn't you call me? 

20.Why didn't you come here? 

21.Why didn't you move there? 

22.Why didn't you stop me? 

23.Why do I have to go to Hyderabad? 

24.Why should they do that? 

25.Why do they want me? 

26.Why do you hate Spoorthi? 

27.Why do you hesitate to talk? 

28.Why do they come here? 

29.Why do you say that? 

30.Why do you think so? 

31.Why do you want him? 

32.Why don't you do that? 

33.Why don't we all go? 

34.Why don't we go out? 

35.Why don't you do it? 

36.Why don't you take me there? 

37.Why don't you enter this building? 

38.Why don't you guess? 

39.Why don't you leave me here? 

40.Why don't you start the game? 

41.Why is it dangerous? 

42.Why is it important? 

43.Why do you think so? 

44.Why is the bus late? 

45.Why is the sky blue? 

46.Why are you all laughing? 

47.Why are they afraid? 

48.Why is he sleeping here? 

49.Why are you so happy? 

50.Why have you done this? 

51.Why was he so stupid? 

52.Why was he there? 

53.Why won't you come? 

54.Why would you help her? 

55.Why would Tom worry? 

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