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'WH' Words In English

Hi friends and my dear students!  In Spoken English Lesson - 16  I would like to share the topic of 'WH' Words In English And Their Uses. After reading this lesson, please practice in your daily life. We shall meet tomorrow in the next lesson. Please do me a favour by sharing this article with your friends, near and dear so they also utilize these Spoken English lessons. Thank you.... 

'WH' Words In English And Their Uses
'WH' Words In English And Their Uses

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Spoken English Lesson - 16

'WH' Words In English And Their Uses 

Who:           asking about a person.

What:          asking about a thing or idea.

When:         asking about a time.

Where:        asking about a place.

Why:           asking about a reason.

Which:        asking about a choice.

Whose:       asking about the relationship (the owner of any object or animal).

How:           asking about question to know the way of doing something.

whom:        asking what or which person or people

50 Sentences With 'Who' 

1. Who met you yesterday?

2. Who punched you yesterday? 

3. Who received the letter? 

4. Who rescheduled the match? 

5. Who will surrender tomorrow? 

6. Who tricked you? 

7. Who volunteered? 

8. Who wants this package? 

9. Who wants to go to the USA? 

10.Who was playing at that time? 

11.Who's after you? 

12.Who's been shot? 

13.Who's resigning now? 

14.Who's screaming loudly? 

15.Who's that girl? 

16.Who are you guys?

17.Who will come tomorrow? 

18.Who brought them here? 

19.Who can remember this point? 

20.Who cares about this baby? 

21.Who will not forget? 

22.Who could refuse? 

23.Who developed this game? 

24.Who did help you? 

25.Who did write you? 

26.Who did you call yesterday? 

27.Who did you help? 

28.Who did you kill that criminal? 

29.Who did you meet yesterday? 

30.Who did you tell? 

31.Who do you blame?

32.Who doesn't know? 

33.Who has got this job?

34.Who got married? 

35.Who has the pen? 

36.Who is coming now? 

37.Who is that lady at the gate? 

38.Who is this girl? 

39.Who knows English here? 

40.Who can lift this? 

41.Who notified you? 

42.Who painted this picture? 

43.Who painted white colour? 

44.Who referred you? 

45.Who was murdered at the market? 

46.Who was that guy? 

47.Who was with you yesterday? 

48.Who will help him?  

49.Who called last night?

50.Who paid?

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