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Present Continuous Quiz

Hi friends and my dear students! In this article, I have covered Present Continuous Quiz for 10 Marks. After playing Present Continuous Quiz, Please share it with your friends.
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Present Continuous Quiz

Find each sentence correct or incorrect

1. Junaid and Dilnawaz are going to the airport.

2. Jack and Jill is reading the magazine.

3. He's hurry to go because he's late.

4. They learning English in school.

5. Babji is listen to the audio.

6. Children are doing their school work.

7. She not wearing a white jeans.

8. Stop doing the given work. 

9. My friend not playing with the teacher.

10. They not helping in this regard.

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Quiz Answers: Present Continuous Positive

1) Correct

2) Incorrect (should be "are reading")

3) Correct

4) Incorrect (should be "They're learning")

5) Incorrect (should be "is listening”)

6) Correct

7) Incorrect (should be "She is not wearing")

8) Correct

9) Incorrect "should be "is not playing")

10) Incorrect "should be "are not helping")

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