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 The Usage of Such ... That 

Hi Friends and my dear students! Once again I am with New Grammar Topic The Usage of Such ... That. Please read the full explanation and try to understand. I am sure that you can understand without any doubts. Please share  Such ... that Usage Topic with your children and friends,
The Usage of Such ... That
The Usage of Such ... That

English Grammar Such ... that Usage 

“Such … That”

Such…that… is a correlative conjunction.

Rule: 1

We can use “Such … That” to expresses a cause and effect. And also, it is used to express extreme feelings or an opinion about something.

Grammar Usage: “Such + Adjective + Noun + That + Result”

We can use “such” with “adjective + noun+ that” to explain a Cause and Effect.

Cause: Pavani is a very charming girl.

Effect: Everybody stares at her.

Note: such a very charming... "very" is dropped.

Eg. Pavani is such a charming girl that everybody stares at her.

(charming-adjective, girl-noun)


Cause: Rahul has beautiful eyes.

            Effect: I can’t take my eyes off him.

Rahul has such beautiful eyes that I can’t take my eyes off him.

(beautiful-adjective, eyes-noun)


Cause: Bahubali was a good movie.

Effect: Many people watched it.

Bahubali was such a good movie that many people watched it.

(good-adjective, movie-noun)


Cause: It was an expensive shoe.

Effect: I decided to buy it.

It was such an expensive shoe that I decided to buy it.

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Rule: 2

We can use “Such … That” to express to give a reason.

It was a very hot day. We stopped playing.

Now we can combine these two sentences using such…that

It was such a hot day that we stopped playing.

Note: such a very hot day... "very" is dropped.

Ø  Because very cannot be followed directly by that-clauses.

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    Combine the following sentences using such…that

1.  My friend asked a very foolish question. Everybody laughed at him.

Ans: _______________________________________________________________

2. My uncle spoke with great passion. All listeners were moved to tears.

Ans: _______________________________________________________________

3. It was a hot whole day. Nobody could do any work.

Ans: _______________________________________________________________

4. It was a very interesting novel. I read it in one sitting.

Ans: _______________________________________________________________

5. Mohan used very bad words. I couldn’t help but slap him.

Ans: _______________________________________________________________

6. The boy has very fine manners. Everyone likes him.

Ans: _______________________________________________________________

7. Russia is a big country. It has eleven time zones.

Ans: _______________________________________________________________



1. My friend asked such a foolish question that everybody laughed at him.

2. My uncle spoke with such passion that all listeners were moved to tears.

3. It was such a hot whole day that nobody could do any work.

4. It was such an interesting novel that I read it in one sitting.

5. Mohan used such bad words that I couldn’t help but slap him.

6. The boy has such fine manners that everyone likes him.

7. Russia is such a big country that it has eleven time zones.



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