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What is the Difference Between Clause and Phrase

Hi friends and my dear students! In this Post, I am going to share with you What is the Difference Between Clause and Phrase. After reading, I am sure, You will understand What a clause and phrase are.

What is the Difference Between Clause and Phrase

What is the Difference Between Clause and Phrase

What is a Clause?

Clause:  A Clause is a group of words having both a subject and a predicate of its own.

For example

He returned             when the sunset.

  Main clause         subordinate clause

If it stops raining,        we shall go to the park.

subordinate clause       main clause

Types of Clauses

Clauses are mainly divided into two types: They are:

1. Main Clause (Independent Clause)

2. Sub-ordinate clause (Dependent Clause)

Main Clause

A Main Clause functions on its own to make a meaningful sentence and looks much like a regular sentence.

In a sentence two independent clauses can be connected by the coordinate conjunctions like - and, but, so, or, nor, for, therefore, yet, etc.,

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Note: The coordinate conjunctions are used in Compound Sentences.

For example

I worked hard      and                I got good marks.        


Main clause     Conjunction         Main clause


Sub-ordinate Clause

A Sub-ordinate clause cannot function on its own because it leaves an idea or thought unfinished. Sub-ordinate clauses help the Main clauses to complete the sentence. A Sub-ordinate clause alone cannot form a complete sentence.

In sub-ordinate clauses, sub-ordinate conjunctions are used like – though, although, if, since, as, because, when, after, unless, etc.,

Note: The Sub-ordinate Conjunctions are used in Complex Sentences.

For example

After I had completed my work,         I went to a movie.

Sub-ordinate Clause                             Main clause


What is a Phrase?

Phrase    A Phrase is a group of words that doesn’t give a complete sense and has no Subject and no Predicate.

For example

She is in the garden.     


The phrases are used in Simple sentences.

For example

In spite of rain,     I went to market.

         Phrase              Main Clause

Being a holiday,     I will not come to school tomorrow.

            Phrase                Main Clause

Having finished my work,     I went to lunch.

            Phrase                        Main Clause

Learning grammar,     I attended the test.

            Phrase                    Main Clause

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