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Simple Present Tense Positive, Negative, Interrogative Sentenses

Hi friends and my dear students!  In Spoken English Lesson - 5  I would like to share the topic of Simple Present Tense Positive, Negative, Interrogative, Negative Interrogative Sentences. After reading this lesson, please practice in your daily life. We shall meet tomorrow in the next lesson. Please do me a favour by sharing this article with your friends, near and dear so they also utilize these Spoken English lessons. Thank you.... 

Simple Present Tense Positive, Negative
Simple Present Tense Positive, Negative

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Simple Present Tense Positive, Negative, Interrogative, Negative Interrogative Sentences

Simple Present Tense

Positive                                              Negative                                 

Radha sets the table.                        Radha doesn’t set the table.              

I like fruits.                                         I don’t like fruits.                      

We love flying kites.                          We don’t love flying kites.                 

My son plays chess.                           My son doesn't play chess.               

I play chess.                                       I don’t play chess.                   

She feels happy.                                 She doesn’t feel happy.           

Ravi wants to eat it.                            Ravi doesn’t want to eat it.                

They speak English very well.            They don’t speak English.                 

She has a sweet voice.                       She doesn’t have a sweet voice.          

You drink coffee.                                 You don’t drink coffee.    

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Interrogative                                     Negative Interrogative

Does Radha set the table?                 Doesn't Radha set the table?

Do I like fruits?                                    Don't I like fruits?

Do we love flying kites?                      Don't we love flying kites?

Does my son play chess?                   Doesn't my son play chess?

Do I play chess?                                 Don't I play chess?

Does she feel happy?                         Doesn't she feel happy?

Does Ravi want to eat it?                   Doesn't Ravi want to eat it?

Do they speak English?                      Don't they speak English?

Does she have a sweet voice?              Doesn't she have a sweet voice?

Do you drink coffee?                           Don't you drink coffee?

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