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Use 'Whose' In A Sentence

Hi friends and my dear students!  In Spoken English Lesson - 22  I would like to share the topic of 40+ Sentences with 'Whose'. After reading this lesson, please practice in your daily life. We shall meet tomorrow in the next lesson. Please do me a favour by sharing this article with your friends, near and dear so they also utilize these Spoken English lessons. Thank you.... 

40+ Sentences with 'Whose'
 40+ Sentences with 'Whose'

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40+ Sentences with 'Whose' 

Whose: asking about the relationship (the owner of any object or animal).


1.Whose watch is this?

2.Whose book has been lost?

3.Whose pencil is this?

4.Whose work do you like?

5.Whose channel is the best?

6.Whose sister is she?

7.Whose is that sports car outside?

8.Whose side are you on?

9.Whose are these books?

10.Whose books are these?

11.Whose did they take?

12.Whose are these clothes?

13.Whose keys are on the wall?

14.Whose team do you like?

15.Whose turn comes?

16.Whose book do you want?

17.Whose idea is it?

18.Whose fault is that?

19.Whose work do you like?

20.Whose is this bag?

21.Whose house is there?

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22.Whose mobile is the best?

23.Whose child is it?

24.Whose problem is risky?

25.Whose is it?

26.Whose place is this?

27.Whose article did you take?

28.Whose birthday is it today?

29.Whose house was bought yesterday?

30.Whose are these gloves?

31.Whose book is this? 

32.Whose camera is in this bag?

33.Whose dog is barking inside?

34.Whose mobile phone keeps ringing?

35.Whose car is parked at the gate?

36.Whose clothes did you wear?

37.Whose bag was stolen in the room?

38.Whose wallet is this?

39.Whose friend is waiting there?

40.Whose match was that?

41.Whose problem was solved?

42.Whose fault was found?

43.Whose birthday was celebrated?

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