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List of Antonyms - 2

Hi friends and my dear students! In this post, I am sharing the Antonyms List for Class 10 English. This List of Antonyms - 2 is very beneficial for class 10 students.

Antonyms List for Class 10 English
Antonyms List for Class 10 English

Antonyms List for Class 10 English - 2

never x always 

fertile x barren   

loyal x disloyal  

obedience x disobedience  

regular x irregular 

release x arrest  

behaviour x misbehavior 

construct x destruct 

literate x illiterate 

proper x improper 

ascend x descend 

definite x indefinite 

justice x injustice  

allow x disallow  

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noisy x calm 

lead x mislead 

special x ordinary  

general x particular

public x private  

normal x abnormal 

entrance x exit

wise x foolish 

host x guest   

efficient x inefficient 

wet x dry 

danger x safe 

fresh x stale   

gather x scatter 

agree x disagree  

dead x alive 

mortal x immortal  

careful x careless   

full x empty     

punish x pardon 

comfort x discomfort  

please x displease 

innocent x guilty 

briskly x slowly   

inferior x superior 

broad x narrow   

often x seldom 

vegetarian x non-vegetarian 

fold x unfold 

violent x non violent  

different x same   

official x unofficial 

mature x immature  

offend x defend 

heavy x light gradual x sudden  

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