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Use What In A Sentence

Hi friends and my dear students!  In Spoken English Lesson - 17  I would like to share the topic of 40+ Sentences with 'What'. After reading this lesson, please practice in your daily life. We shall meet tomorrow in the next lesson. Please do me a favour by sharing this article with your friends, near and dear so they also utilize these Spoken English lessons. Thank you.... 

40+ Sentences with 'What'
40+ Sentences with 'What'

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Spoken English Lesson - 17

40+ Sentences with 'What'  

What:          asking about a thing or idea.


1. What happened next?

2. What do you want?

3. What is your name?

4. What has happened?

5. What is the reason?

6. What does he do?

7. What did you have for lunch?

8. What do you do when you’re on holiday?

9. What did you do when the electricity failed?

10.What is the number on the door?

11.What number is your house?

12.What happened next?

13.What did you buy?

14.What’s the tallest building in the world?

15.What did you say? I couldn’t hear you.

16.What’s your address?

17.What is that you have made?

18.What did Rusthum want to talk to Mary about?

19.What do you call this in French?

20.What do you know about your friend?

21.What do you mean by this word?

22.What is your plan?

23.What will he do tomorrow?

24.What do you want to be when you grow up?

25.What does she want to buy?

26.What does Tom like to eat when he's watching TV?

27.What he had said was true.

28.What I want to know is very important.

29.What on earth do you think you're doing?

30.What time do you go to sleep every day?

31.What time does she usually have breakfast?

32.What time do you pick him up?

33.What time will you arrive in the USA?

34.What is the reason to go there.

35.What kind of reason it is?

36.What is the problem?

37.What kind of game it is?

38.What's the longest word in the English language?

39.What's your favourite game?

40.What do you want?

41.What are you doing now?

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