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English Grammar Prepositions

Hi friends and my dear students! In this post, I have covered Prepositions followed by certain words. After reading thoroughly English Grammar Prepositions Topic, Please do share it with your friends.

Prepositions Followed By Certain Words.


Prepositions followed by certain words.

Prepositions following 'adjectives' and 'verbs':

In 'Rendezvous with Ray' we come across certain verbs and adjectives followed by Prepositions. For example, acquainted with, brought out, prevented from, explained to.

Read the following sentences and observe the underlined words.

1. I am amazed at you, Victoria.

2. Victoria, a precocious girl of ten, was dressed in colours.

3. He is trying to adapt himself to the regrettable occasion.

4. He was very fond of Jimmy.

5. I am sure I am sorry for it.

6. You've been waiting for me to begin tea.

7. I see the little trifles that belonged to father lying around.

8. This always appealed to me.

In the above sentences, the underlined adjectives and verbs are usually followed by certain prepositions.

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Here is a list of adjectives and verbs. The prepositions that follow the adjectives and the verbs. Later, use them in sentences of your own.

proud of

married to

good at

different from, different to (same sense)

keen on

famous for

capable of

responsible for

believe in

shout at

think of

agree to + something, agree with + somebody

depend on

recover from

belong to

apply to to say WHERE,

apply for to say the PURPOSE

For example

You could apply to the hospital. Send your CV and apply for a job.

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Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions.

1. It’s so noisy. I can’t concentrate _____ my homework.

2. Don’t worry. I’ll pay _____ the tickets.

3. This car belongs _____ my brother, so I don’t think we can use it.

4. They have borrowed a pen _____ my classmate.

5. My friends have been waiting _____ the bus for more than twenty minutes!

6. Julie: “What time shall we eat dinner?”

   Gill: “It depends _____ John. We’ll eat when he gets home”.

7. When I went _____ playground, the game had already been started.

8. Please explain this problem _____ us.

9. Radha was listening _____ Tollywood songs when the doorbell rang.

10. The students worry_____ their exam results all the time.

11. Sureka listens _____ Classical songs.

12. David paid _____ the drinks.

13. Who does that house belong _____?

14. Don’t worry _____ your brother, he’ll be fine.

15. She borrowed a book _____ Rosy.

16. Please be quiet. I need to concentrate _____ this book.

17. I want to go to picnic next week but it depends _____ the weather.

18. Who are you waiting _____?

19. When will we arrive _____ Beijing?



1. on               2. For             3. To              4. From          5. For             6. On              7. to   

8. To              9. To              10. about      11. to              12. For           13. To             14. About

15. From       16. On            17. On            18. For           19. In             

Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions.

1. All last winter Sharath suffered __________________ coughs and colds.

2. Anand is unaccustomed _______________________________ the heat.

3. Kumar was afraid _________________________________ his enemies.

4. Sriram was always arguing ___________________________ his brother.

5. Sindhu was dedicated __________________________________ her job.

6. Priyanka was shocked ____________________ the hatred they had shown.

7. I said ____________ you, “I am thinking _______________ going to America. I

have actually dreamt _______________ it.”

8. I want to talk __________________________ the group about their exams.

9. I was terrified ____________________________ her.

10. I've always been terribly fond ____________________________ you.

11. If you continue to support someone who is in trouble you are loyal _______ them.

12. If you don't understand any of these words, you could refer ________ a dictionary.

13. It wasn't his car, in fact I don't know who it belongs _______________________.

14. My problems are very similar _____________________________ yours.

15. People started to shout _____ the driver.

16. She had always been bad ______________ languages.

17. She listened _____ me and then told me _____ her problems.

18. The accident sadly resulted _____ the death of a man.

19. The buses are often late, so you can't depend _____ them.

20. They may feel jealous __________________ your success.

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