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Compound prepositions

Hi friends and my dear Students! In this post, I have covered Compound prepositional phrases. After Reading Compound prepositions, Please do share it with your friends. Also check All Grammar Topics Here.
Compound prepositional phrases

Compound prepositional phrases

1)      a long with                 : together with

Eg. My friend came along with my father to our house.

2)      on account of : because of

Eg. He got an attack of malaria on account of the mosquito bite.

3)      by means of                : through the agency

Eg. We can lift a log by means of a crane.

4)      apart from                  : separate from

Eg. An individual tool is supplied apart from the main kit.

5)      ahead of                     : earlier than (somebody/something)

Eg. He is ahead of other runners in the race.

6)      in front of                   : located before

Eg. There is a temple in front of our house.

7)      in place of                   : as a substitute for

Eg. I accepted the captain of my school cricket team in place of Raju.

8)      in spite of                    : though/although

Eg. He attended the office in spite of his illness.

9)      in case of                    : in the event of

Eg.  In case of the failure of the engine, we have to take up another vehicle.

10)  by way of                    : via

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Eg. We can present a lecture by way of a screen.

11)  for the sake of            : for the good of

Eg. He is collecting donations for the sake of flood victims.

12)  in addition to : added to

Eg. He has a car in addition to bike.

13)  in accordance with    : in agreement with

Eg. We have to play games in accordance with its rules.

1)      I finished my project work several days------------------- the deadline.(instead of / ahead of)

2)      Sravani goes to school ------------------------- yamuni daily (in spite of/along with)

3)      My house stands-------------------- all the other houses in the street as it is big in size. ( apart from/in addition to)

4)      Madhu got a good job ------------------ his own abilities and skills. ( by means of/ instead of)

5)      She was unable to attend the party--------------- her marriage engagement. ( in spite of/ due to)

6)      ---------------------- fire, ring the alarm bell.( In spite of/ in case of)

7)      Sriam continued his batting carefully--------------- his team thought he was hungry.( for the sake of/ in front of)

8)      You should complete your B.Ed------------------- your B.Sc to get a teacher job.( in addition to/ according to)

9)      The physical director of our school selected me------------- my friend, Raju for tomorrow’s match.( in place of/ ahead of)

10)  --------------- his poverty, he completed his ph.D in English.( in spite of/ I place of)


Followed prepositions

suffered from

recovered from

different from

prohibited from

abstain from

proud of

afraid of

fond of

consists of

capable of

think of

jealous of

responsible of

famous for

apply for

waiting for

search for

suitable for

longing for

left for

accustomed to

dedicated to

terrified to

loyal to

refer to

belong to

similar to

listened to

leads to

prefer to

addicted to

married to

replied to

agreed to

arguing with

angry with

quarrel with

resulted in

dressed in

believe in

interested in

shocked at

shout at

good at

bad at

laugh at

amazed at

wonder at

depend on

keen on

insisted on

congratulate on

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