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Language Functions In English

Hi friends and my dear students! In this post, I have covered Language Functions In English. After reading Language Functions, Please do share it with your friends. Also Lean English Grammar here free.
Language Functions In English
Language Functions In English

English Grammar Language Functions In English

Greetings & Introductions
Hello, …/ Hi, …
Good morning/ afternoon/ evening.
Good/ Nice to see you again.
I’m glad/ happy/ pleased to see you.
How are you? - Fine, thanks. And you?
How are things? - Not too bad, thanks.
How is your friend? - She’s fine.
Introducing oneself
Can/ May I introduce myself? My name’s Peter.
Let me introduce myself. My name’s … .
I’d like to introduce myself. I’m … .
I don’t think we’ve met. I’m … .
Introducing Others:
You: Hello! Haseena, meet, this is my friend Harshini. I don't think you've met.
Haseena: Nice meeting you. (OR) Glad to meet you.
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Greetings And Introductions
Suppose you are in a new place. You want to catch a bus to Mumbai. How would you ask for the fair at the Enquiry counter? You can Observe the answer here.
Excuse me, could you please tell me how much is the fare to Mumbai?
Some more examples for other situations:
1. Would you mind helping me in the work?
2. I shall be grateful if you could help me in the bank.
3. I wonder if you could show me the way to the Railway Station.
4. Would you please tell me where the Library is?

Asking for permission
1. We use “Can” to ask for permission to do something:
Can I ask a question, please?
Can we go home now?
2. “Could” is more formal and polite than can:
Could I ask a question, please?
Could we go home now?
3. "May" is another more formal and polite way of asking for permission:
May I please use the restroom?
May I go to the park with my friends today please?
Giving Advice / Suggestions
We can give advice or suggest something to someone in different ways in polite manner.
Suppose your neighbour is a heavy smoker. We can advise with the following ways.
1. Should
2. Ought to
3. Had Better
4. Why not …? and why don’t …?
5. Conditional
6. Would
7. Could
8. Can’t you …?
9. It's better
Study the following Expressions:
You should give up smoking.
You ought to stop smoking.
You'd better stop smoking.        
Why don't you see a doctor?
If I were you, I would consult a doctor.
Offering Things:
Shall I get some tea for you?
Would you like to have some coffee?
Would you have a cup of coffee?
What do you like to have, tea or coffee, please?

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Expressing Gratitude:
The expression 'Thank you' is the most common way of telling someone we are grateful to.
Look at a few other ways of expressing gratitude.
1.Thanks! Thanks a lot.
2.Thank you very much.
3.I'm really thankful / grateful to you.
4.I don't know how to thank you.
5.Thanks for the very kind of you.
We can invite relatives, neighbours to Functions, Picnics, Parties in different ways.
Study the following Expressions:
Would you like to join us for a party?
Why don't you give us the pleasure of your presence?
How about joining us for an evening walk?
Excuse me / Pardon me / I'm terribly sorry / I beg your pardon / Please, forgive me! / I beg your forgiveness. / Please accept my apologies.
Sorry about that. I woke up late.
I'm terribly sorry about the broken vase.
Please accept our sincere apologies.

Change the following into a polite request.   
1 You to a friend: “Give me your camera”
Ans: __________________________________________________________
2. You to passerby: "Which bus goes to Vizag?”
Ans: __________________________________________________________
3. You to your uncle: " Practice yoga to be fit”
Ans: __________________________________________________________
4. You to your grandfather: "Take your medicines regularly”.
Ans: __________________________________________________________
5. You to casher in the bank: " This note is torn, give me a different one”.
Ans: __________________________________________________________
6. You to your neighbour: "Give me your mobile. I want to make a call to my father.”
Ans: __________________________________________________________
7. You to your friend: “Drop me at the municipal office”.
Ans: ________________________________________________________
8. Student to the teacher: "Correct my note boo”.
Ans: _________________________________________________________
9. One boy to another: " Who is your principal?”
Ans: __________________________________________________________
10. Passenger to the boy: " Which is the way to the airport?”
Ans: __________________________________________________________
11. You to a Passenger: " Stop smoking”.
Ans: __________________________________________________________
12. Old man to a stranger: " Help me to lift this bag.”
Ans: __________________________________________________________
13. Woman to shop keeper: "I want one kilo of sugar."
Ans: ________________________________________________________
14. Student to the teacher: "Give me your pen.”
Ans: ________________________________________________________
15. One boy to another: " What do you want from me?”
Ans: __________________________________________________________
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Giving advice and making Suggestions.
1.Your uncle has been suffering with Asthma. advise him to see a doctor.
Ans: __________________________________________________________
2. Your friend has been wasting money for party. advice to be more careful with her money.
Ans: __________________________________________________________
3. Your friend has started drinking tell him that drinking is wrong.
Ans: __________________________________________________________
4. Your friend is planning to visit some places in Andhra Pradesh. advise him to learn new words in Telugu.
Ans: __________________________________________________________
5. Your friends has been losing weight recently. Tell her that she should see a doctor.
Ans: __________________________________________________________
6. Your friend has not been studying the. Advise him to study hard.
Ans: __________________________________________________________
7. Your friend has gone out of town. as he gets back, Advise him to finish his homework.
Ans: __________________________________________________________
8. Your uncle feels a lot of stress. Give him a suggestion to do yoga to get relief.
Ans: __________________________________________________________
9. Your uncle is a heavy smoker. Advise him to stop smoking.
Ans: __________________________________________________________
10. Your friend is feeling sick. Advise him to see a doctor.
Ans: __________________________________________________________
11. Your friend has a toothache and did not see a doctor. Advise him to see a dentist.
Ans: __________________________________________________________
12. A teacher has assigned the task in English to your friend which he thinks, is very difficult. Advise him to try it.
Ans: __________________________________________________________
13. Your classmates is wasting his time. the examinations are fast approaching. Advise him to concentrate on his studies.
Ans: __________________________________________________________
14. Your friend has started seeing late night movies. You think he is neglecting his studies.
Ans: __________________________________________________________
15. Your friend has started smoking. Advise him not to do it.
Ans: __________________________________________________________
Identifying the Expression
1. Your friend has been elected leader of the school. What will you say to him?
(a) Lucky man!            (           )                       (b) Congratulations!                (           )
(c) Greetings!              (           )                       (d) Good for you!                    (           )
2. You spoke rudely to your aunt. You want to apologize. What do you say to her?
(a) You don't mind, do you?    (           )           (b) Why don't you forget it?   (           )
(c) I am sorry!                          (           )           (d) I'm a fool!                          (           )
3. Your friend has won a gold medal in school sports. What would you say to him?
(a) Don't worry!                      (           )           (b) I am sorry!             (           )
(c) Keep it up!                          (           )           (d) Good for you!        (           )
4. You are going on a pilgrimage. What would you say to them?
(a)Congratulations!                 (           )           (b) Very fine!               (           )
(c) Good luck!                          (           )           (d) Happy journey!      (           )
5. Your friend going on a visit to Chennai. You are seeing him off at the station. What would you say?
(a) Best of luck!                       (           )           (b) Wish you a happy journey! (         )
(c) Congratulations!                (           )           (d) All the best!                          (        )
6. Your friend presented you a camera as a gift on your birthday. What would you say to him?
(a)It's very good of you!          (           )           (b) Keep it up!                           (         )
(c) I am happy!                        (           )           (d) Congratulations!                  (         )
7. The city bus conductor gave you, your lost purse. What would you say to him?
(a)        It's a pity!                    (           )           (b) It's wonderful!                   (           )
(c) Thank you very much!       (           )           (d) It is very nice!                    (           )
8. You told your father that you got a distinction in the school final examination. What would your father say?
(a)        Is it!                             (           )           (b) It's nice!                             (          )
(c) I'm proud of you!               (           )           (d) Good luck!                         (          )
9.  What do the following sentences mean?
(A) (i) Why do you waste money? You can have my bicycle for a few days.
(a) Making an offer                 (           )           (b) Giving an order                  (           )
(c) Making suggestion             (           )           (d) Asking a question               (           )
10. Where can I get a car for hire?
(a) Making a request                (           )           b) Asking a question                (           )
(c) Making a suggestion          (           )           (d) Seeking information          (           )
11. It's getting late. Why don't you take a taxi?
(a) Asking a question              (           )           (b) Making a suggestion          (           )
(c) Seeking help                       (           )           (d) Refusing help                     (           )
12. It may rain in few minutes.
(a) Making a request               (           )           (b) Expressing a purpose         (           )
(c) Expressing possibility         (           )           (d) Seeking permission            (           )
13. Would you mind closing the door? 
(a) A request                           (           )           (b) An order                            (           )
(c) A suggestion                       (           )           (d) An advice                           (           )
14. Won't you get me a little water?
(a) Making a request               (           )           (b) Refusing a request (           )
(c) Asking permission              (           )           (d) Agreeing to a request        (           )
15. Please write your name.
(a) seeking permission            (           )           (b) making a suggestion          (           )
(c) Making a request               (           )           (d) making an offer                 (           )
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English Grammar Language Functions
English Grammar Language Functions In English 
Language Functions
Language Functions In English 


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